Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Vaughan Sound Installations Ltd (T/A PAI Group) is a specialist supplier and installer of integrated sound masking solutions to business, education, healthcare and workplace environments.

Architectural and design practices in recent years have adopted the removal of walls in favour of open plan layouts with aesthetics, information sharing and team collaboration in mind. But with no barriers in place to absorb or block sound, speech can travel much further than the intended audience. These modern spaces cause major issues when speech privacy and concentration are essential to an effective and productive working environment.

Sound masking offers a cost-effective and proven solution to:

Protecting speech privacy

Reducing distractions, unpleasant background noise and acoustic interference

Eliminating the need for expensive construction or sound blocking materials

Increasing productivity in the workplace

We install systems which deliver uniform sound masking by projecting from the ceiling, rather than through it. Small, flush mounted, discrete emitters (which come in a range of colours or can be RAL matched to blend into the ceiling space) create almost 180º of sound dispersion, delivering even coverage and unobtrusive sound masking. The emitters can be installed in any ceiling surface material, including acoustic tiles, beams, drywall, metal, and wood.

Powered by simple, easy to adjust room controls which feature six discrete volume level selections, sound masking is the perfect solution to open plan spaces or areas suffering from sound overspill and lack of speech privacy.

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