Induction Loop and Hearing Assist

Induction Loop and Hearing Assist

The company has many years experience of induction loop design and installation in a wide variety of applications; comprising ticket/reception counter conventional single loop systems, together with more complex low spill multiple loop installations which ensure rooms do not interfere with each other.

In addition to this we install infrared transmission systems which incorporate both hearing assist and translation systems in one single unit.

Our services include full software profiling in-house, supply, installation, commissioning and certification to EN 60118 Part 4 - the standard for the performance of induction loop systems for hearing aid purposes.

We are an ISCE (Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers) Approved AFILS* Assessor. You will find our induction loop systems in many corporate buildings, educational establishments, healthcare institutions and local authority premises, amongst other places where they are a requirement of DDA compliance and Part M of the Building Regulations.

For further information about our induction loop systems, or to discuss your project requirements and how our solutions can help you to comply with relevant directives and guidelines, please get in touch today.

*AFILS - Audio Frequency Induction Loop System

PAI Group / Vaughan Sound - ISCE Hearing Loop Approved Assessor