Meeting Room Technology

Meeting Room Technology

Integrated audio-visual systems can significantly improve collaboration, communications and productivity in your workplace, giving you a competitive edge over your rivals.

PAI Group are leading providers of state-of-the-art technology for corporate environments – designing, installing and supporting systems to deliver a multitude of real business benefits for clients across the UK.

We seamlessly incorporate new equipment into your existing systems and networks, whilst ensuring all solutions are future-proof and scalable to allow for any changes in your requirements further down the line.

From the outset we assess the client’s current and future needs, using our wealth of experience to design schemes and work alongside your IT / Facilities staff to deliver bespoke systems tailored to your exact requirements.

PAI Group are a design-led company who give great consideration to the aesthetics of the client’s workplace. We offer technical expertise built upon over 30+ years, and provide a plethora of product solutions for breakout areas, huddle / learning spaces, meeting / board rooms, presentation facilities, reception areas, and more.

Assisting clients in the implementation of new methods of working, we provide cutting edge audio-visual, sound, lighting and control solutions to allow businesses to fully collaborate and improve teamwork, whilst delivering on green agendas and improving the energy-efficiency of workplaces.